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Residential locksmith services

Residential Locksmith Services
House Lockouts
Lock Rekey
Hardware Installation
Master Keying
High Security Locks
Mailbox Lock Replacement

Home Locks

We are The Residential Locksmith North County Trusts

Residential Lock Repair

Your home contains many locks. In fact, the locks on your doors are your first line of defense against the outside world. You, no doubt, want to keep these locks in good working order so that your home and family are always protected and secure. If you experience a problem with your residential locks, your best option is to contact Lock Experts. We have an array of residential locksmith services in North San Diego County  ranging from lock-outs to lock repair and replacement.

Home Lockout Service

One of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself in is being locked out of your home. Your first inclination may be to break a window or pick the lock. Then you’re stuck with an expensive window repair or possibly a broken lock. A better option would be to call Lock Experts. Our experienced locksmiths can get you in your home quickly and without causing damage.

Home Lock Repair & Rekey Service

If you’ve noticed a lock isn’t working properly, it may need to be repaired. You may opt for repair because repair will save time and money versus lock replacement. You should contact us the moment you detect any wear within your locks. Failing to do so can be much more costly in the long run if you have to replace the locks. There are situations where you want to use a new key. A new key is a good idea if:

    • You recently purchased a home and want new keys to work with the locks

    • Tenants are moving and you want to make sure the old keys no longer work

    • A replacement lock was installed and you want to use the same key for all the locks

Rekeying a lock is simple and efficient. Your locks can be adjusted to fit a new key. For a pin and tumbler lock, the items that are needed for the rekey include the current key, the new key, and the lock. To rekey the lock from the current key, we will take the lock apart to access the lock cylinder. The locksmith will then change out the pins so that the lock works with the new key. Rekeying your locks is not only efficient but much more affordable than getting replacement locks.




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