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Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial  Locksmith Services

House Lockouts

Exit Device/Panic bar

Lock Rekey

Hardware Installation

Master Keying

High Security Locks

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Commercial lockout service

We are Your Full-Service Commercial Locksmith

Whether you own a small business like us or managing retail chain, you will certainly encounter the need for a locksmith at some point. We are a family operated business that cares deeply for our home town and the security of all its residents, so whether you need locks rekeyed, replaced or you’re dealing with a lockout that requires immediate attention, Lock Experts will take care of you. Our commercial locksmith services are second to none. We offer comprehensive services for your business that include:

    • Lock rekey and repair

    • Lock replacement

    • Business lockouts

    • Lock installation

    • Master key system structuring

    • Mailbox lockouts and lock replacements


Commercial Lock Rekey and Repair

If you have a lock that is broken, you may want to request our lock repair services versus replacing the lock. A repair is efficient and less expensive than lock replacement. Since locks are made of metal components, they will wear out over time. You should immediately contact Lock Experts when you detect problems with your lock. Failing to do so may lead to the need for new locks.

When you want to use a new key with your existing locks, then a lock rekey is necessary. You may decide to use new keys and rekey your locks if:

    • You’ve lost the current key

    • You suspect the current key was stolen

    • You are concerned unauthorized copies of your current key were made

Rekeying is a simple process, but it takes the knowledge and experience that you can only obtain from our locksmiths. We have the tools to get the job done quickly. To rekey the lock, we will take the lock apart and change the pins within the lock to fit the new key. This can be done with every lock in your office so that you only need one key for each lock.

Business Lockout Service

Nothing will bring your workday to a halt faster than getting locked out of your office. Although it’s extremely disruptive to your day, there’s no need to break a window or miss a day’s work. Simply contact Lock Experts. We will arrive promptly and get you back into your business so you can have a productive day.




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